'Mr Paul'

by Tankred Dorst

Directed by David Graham-Young

Costumes designed by Chrystine Bennett

Sarah Jane Derrick

Jill Johnson
Richard Kane
Stephen Ley
Anita McCann
and Rhys Meredith

at The Old Red Lion Theatre, Islington, London

October 10th to November 4th 2001



This is a 6.2 mb Quicktime movie of 2.52 minutes of moments from the show.

This was my third collaboration with David Graham-Young for Contemporary Stage Company at the Old Red Lion. I designed the setting and lighting for this British premiere of a play (1994) by German playwright Tankred Dorst, little known in this country but celebrated throughout Europe. This was also my second collaboration with Chrystine Bennett who designed the costumes.

Set in reunified Germany, the isolated and stubborn Herr Paul lives with his eccentric sister in the derelict soap factory they have made their home. Their existence is turned on its head with the arrival of Helm, who has inherited the factory and has major plans to renovate the site and move the ageing siblings. The arrival of Helm's girlfriend, Lilo, further explodes the surreal and insular existence that Paul has created for himself, with apparently macabre consequences.



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