'The Train Years'
Museum Of the Moving Image, London 1990
set in red light

The 'theatre' at MOMI (Museum of the Moving Image) is really a small cinema seating around 120. The museum employs a small company of actors who, in character, act as guides to the exhibits for the general public. The company at the time wanted to mount a small production (which they devised) around the subject of the Russian post revolution propaganda trains, with their integral cinemas,which travelled around the country spreading the message of the new order. The project was directed by Phil Young.

The acting area was extremely shallow, about 10' deep, and was carpeted. Based on (lifted!) El Lissitsky's painting Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, the set consisted of a backcloth, a relatively sizeable flat stage left, (the black piece with the circular cut-out), and a suspended red triangle which served as a projection screen.

A miniscule budget using a second hand (free) cloth and willing student labour to build the flattage (their pay was where most of the budget went), the show was put together rapidly.


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