'Les Miroirs Brisés'

by Annie Corbier

The French Institute, London 1990

Phil Young asked me to design this show as a favour, (in other words it had a small budget but no designer's fee), in the hope that I could somehow squeeze it in with my teaching commitments at Wimbledon School of Art. Fortunately it coincided with the beginning of a new course which specialised in making things for theatre, film and television, (of which I was the course leader), and the simple set allowed a small group of first year students an opportunity to build their first set outside college.

The piano had to be integrated into the design (the powers that be wouldn't allow it to be moved) and the most pleasing aspect of the design for me was the contrast achieved between the coolness of the convent interior and the sounds of the El Salvador revolution outside manifested by the loudspeaker built into a full height 'aggressive' steel construction/false proscenium which can just be made out to the left of the photo.

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