'Miss Julie' (Strindberg)


Miss Julie: Angelique Rockas
Jean: Garry Cooper
Christine: Sarah Collier

directed by Alkis Kritikos
set designed by David Burrows
costumes designed by Anne Hubbard
lighting designed by David Lawrence

This was an Internationalist Theatre production
at the Sir Richard Steel pub theatre, Belsize Park.
Jan 16th - Feb 4th, 1984

I thought the photo above, which I took, was probably the only one in existence of this show! Very grainy and lacking in detail, I know, but reminding me of an enjoyable first experience of working with Alkis Kritikos as director. However, 27 years later in 2011 I received an email with three more photos attached! Here they are:

A miniscule budget and one day fit-up meant some ingenuity to avoid building the interior kitchen set ostensibly required for the play. We set it just outside in the yard. The door to the kitchen was the dressing room's, downstage right. Slightly upstage of the door was a pine icebox of the period (it is just visible) kindly loaned from an antiques shop in Teddington. Jean's wash-basin on a metal stand was set a little further still upstage (and is also visible). I built the central Scandinavian style bench with the wide surrounding arm rest which served as alternative, louche seating for Jean. A rocking chair was set upstage of the washing line for Christine, the housekeeper, in which she could rest and doze.

The theatre's walls (originally black) were painted in a broken grey and, to break the floor's harsh junction with the walls, garden peat was heaped around the perimeter of the acting area with bracken/kindling wood scattered within it. The stage floor was also painted grey.

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