by Alistair Beaton

Directed by Phil Young
Set and Costumes designed by David Burrows
Lighting designed by Nick Richings


John Higgins - Eddie
Gregor Hunt - Paul
Amelia Saberwal - Asha
Ray Gardner - George
John Dorney - Simon
Amanda Osborne - Liz
Jeffrey Harmer - DL

at Vienna's English Theatre, Austria
opened 31st January 2005 until March 19th

and at Frankfurt's English Theatre, Germany
opened April 5th until May 28th 2005

Show pre-set at the public dress rehearsal on 28th January

Act One

From left: Simon, Eddie, George and Asha

Act 2, Scene 1. Eddie confronts Liz

View from extreme left front stalls (during director's notes to actors after public dress)

The theatre exterior

View from the stage of the auditorium ceiling and balcony

Press shots of the actors

Gregor Hunt, John Higgins and Ray Gardner

John Dorney and John Higgins

Amelia Saberwal and Ray Gardner

Amanda Osborne and John Higgins

Jeffrey Harmer as DL

Alistair Beaton’s satire on modern politics is set on the eve of the Prime Minister’s speech to his party’s annual conference. With public opinion increasingly volatile, there’s panic at the top. This time it’s all got to be perfect. Sinister and obsessive press secretary Eddie and young speech-writing aid Paul are desperately trying to finalise the finest speech the PM will ever give, as anti-capitalist riots rage in the streets below. But Eddie’s manipulative skills are to be tested far more by the gradual revelation of a scandal that is so far-reaching that it could keep the party out of power for a generation. Can the story be killed? Can the investigating journalist – Eddie’s ex-wife! – be bought? And exactly how far will a government go to save itself and come up smelling of roses?

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