a Glam Rock musical by Mike Bennett
Directed by Alkis Kritikos

lighting design by Dave Horn

choreographed by Francesca Jaynes

assistant designer Libby Todd

New Players Theatre, Charing Cross, London. March - April 2009

The most recent collaboration with director Alkis Kritikos - we first worked together in 1983. Mike Bennett, the writer, is also a long term collaborator and this is the second musical he has written for the team. A fun piece - threaded through with a fairly absurd whodunnit narrative - with several glam rock favourites interspersed with new material written by Mike and friends.

As far as design goes there's little to see apart from the decorated proscenium - iridescent glitter and fun fur - as the space has been stripped bare of masking and the resulting empty, bare space is intended to reflect the David Bowie concert setting that Lindsay Kemp designed in the 70s of simple, bare scaffolding.

The lighting by Wimbledon College of Art colleague, Dave Horn, is very powerful and intended as homage to a 70s rock concert (but with some moving lights).

This very low budget project also benefited enormously from the contributuion of assistant designer Libby Todd (a second year student on work experience from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design) who took on the responsibility of designing and coordinating the costumes.


Click here for a 3.4 minute video clip of sections of the show (17mb, so broadband is necessary) .

Or here for a smaller, 8mb, shorter version



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